The Art Lab Co. was founded by Artist Ornella Verano with the mission to help other artists gain exposure to the community through different projects, as well as, helping the community connect through art. With multiple collaborations with artistic powerhouse Heather Renee, they intend to show the world how important Art is.

In 2021, Ornella left the medical field to invest herself into art full time. Much of her recent work reflects the current political, social, and cultural conflicts and her passion to explore an unheard perspective. Her other dominant bodies of work captivate her love for fine cuisine and food experiences. These unique culinary expressions are curated elements adding ambience to restaurants and food-lovers homes alike. Ornella often produces her work with colorful acrylics on canvas. She believes art can be therapeutic and, as Picasso once said, it can “wash the dust of daily life off our souls.” This belief motivates her to continue to help her community through a different approach, art.
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