What's The B.U.S?

What is this Borrowed Until Sold thing? 

At Art Lab Co. we LOVE Art and the power it has. We believe the Art in your walls can create emotions and thoughts and they can, like Picasso once said, “wash the dust of daily life off our souls”


The B.U.S Project allows you to borrow and live with a work of art made by Fort Lauderdale-based artist Ornella Verano for five months with no commitments and no charge for the art.


Am I eligible?

You must be in the Fort Lauderdale area, available for a virtual or phone interview, and agree to the Loan Agreement provided.


What does it cost?

Borrowing the work of art is completely FREE. To cover transportation and hanging mechanism costs of the artwork, the borrower agrees to a $50 non-refundable fee.  


How many works of art can I borrow?


You may borrow as many artworks as you like! However, borrowing cannot overlap and only one piece may be checked out at a time per address. 


Can I be a B.U.S artist?

Absolutely! Contact us for more information.


This is the coolest thing ever, how do I spread the word?

Use our hashtag #BorrowedUntilSold and tag us on social media @artlabco954


How do I hang my artwork?

We have simple instructions and hardware included with each piece.


Can I buy an artwork?

YES! Of course! You can find all available artwork in our SHOP


How do I collect and transport my artwork?

Artwork will be delivered and picked up on agreed dates and time according to the Loan Agreement.


How do I care for my artwork?                 

IF necessary, remove dust by blowing on it.                    

DO NOT use your hand or a dry cloth to remove dust.

DO NOT use any products.


For how long can I borrow artwork?

Each loan period lasts 5 months. If artwork is sold before the 5 months are up, a two-week notice will be issued for ‘early collection’ as agreed on the Loan Agreement


What happens if I am late to return?

There is a 4-week grace period after your return date (noted on the Loan Agreement). After that grace period, your credit card will be charged the listed price for the artwork. 


What do I do if the artwork gets damaged?

As the borrower, you must take care to prevent damage to the artwork during the loan period. This includes installing the artwork immediately upon picking it up and using recommended hardware (provided with each piece). The artwork must be placed directly on a wall that is at least 10 feet from any fire, heat or humidity source. The artwork must be installed indoors at all times. Smoking around the artwork is prohibited. In the event of damage please get in touch with us as soon as possible to assess the severity.  To report damage, please reach out to Ornella Verano at or call the number provided with your contract.