The Perfect Oyster

My Oyster story was gradual and one of almost hate before love. Admiration for their natural beauty came with knowledge, experimentation and a ton of mistakes! The first time I ate oysters they were gulf oysters, in the middle of the summer, and out of a bucket...needless to say not a very good first encounter… But knowledge is power and so I ate A-WHOLE-LOT of oysters. In the meanwhile, I married an oyster aficionado and chef who was working out of Martha’s Vineyard with a local farmer. Together, they developed the most decadent and flavorful oyster I have ever tasted. This collection is about my passion for oysters because of their amazing flavor profile, their unique anatomy, and the benefits to the environment that they provide. I dedicate this collection of these wonderful bivalves to all the farmers, shuckers, and chefs who make it all possible! THANK YOU!!!

I leave you with a little excerpt from "Kitchen Confidential" and Anthony Bourdain's recollection of eating his first Oyster:

"And in that unforgettably sweet moment of my personal history, that moment still more alive for me than so many of the other ‘firsts’ which followed – first pussy, first joint, first day in high school, first published book, or any other thing – I attained glory....

I took it in my hand, tilted the shell back into my mouth as instructed by the by now beaming Monsieur Saint-Jour, and with one bite and a slurp, wolfed it down. It tasted seawater… of brine and flesh… and somehow… of the future..."


Original Collage on resin sold to Chef Josie Malave of Bubbles & Pearls in Wilton Manors, FL. 10/10 Prints made and sold. Two Prints were donated to MVOF to benefit the Martha's Vineyard Shellfish Group. THANK YOU TO ALL MY COLLECTORS!

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