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The Perfect Oyster

My Oyster story was gradual and one of almost hate before love. Admiration for their natural beauty came with knowledge, experimentation and a ton of mistakes! The first time I ate oysters they were gulf oysters, in the middle of the summer, and out of a bucket...needless to say not a very good first encounter… But knowledge is power and so I ate A-WHOLE-LOT of oysters. In the meanwhile, I married an oyster aficionado and chef who was working out of Martha’s Vineyard with a local farmer. Together, they developed the most decadent and flavorful oyster I have ever tasted. This collection is about my passion for oysters because of their amazing flavor profile, their unique anatomy, and the benefits to...

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Food + Art

My love affair for food begins very early in my life as a rebel middle child. Lucky enough to travel from a very young age, I remember being curious about the 'traditional or local' dishes of the area or town we were visiting. I would learn one word "Thank you" and then I would proceed to place my order by reading (and butchering I am sure) the menu item. A lot of times questions would follow or stares at my parents in what seemed to me as "is she allowed to order that?" and most times it was worth the risk! As an adult, I continue to explore this concept, to travel and to eat and to let my inner child...

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